SmoothDraw 4.1

Develop your drawing talents with this nice and free application
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This program is simple drawing software that lets you create digital freehand drawings easily. It has a very intuitive interface that allows you to start drawing immediately.
At startup, the program shows a blank page where you can start using the different tools available to create a new drawing. These tools are Pen, Pencil, Dry media (pastel, chalk and so on), Airbrush, and more. You can adjust each of these tools according to your needs by setting their color, brush size, ink flow, and others, according to the type of tool you choose. Interestingly, you can add several layers and work on each individually.

The program also lets you edit existing images. To do so, you can simply open the desired image and start using the same tools you would employ to create a new drawing.

If you are an advanced user familiarized with tools like Adobe Photoshop, you may find this program too simple for your needs. Nevertheless, if you like drawing and need an uncomplicated and free option, you may like this application.

Please note that to achieve better results, the developer recommends the use of a tablet or a digital pen.

Victor Hernandez
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